Balanced and Complete | Multi Proteins | BARF | Trial Box | SHIPPING INCLUDED

Balanced and Complete | Multi Proteins | BARF | Trial Box | SHIPPING INCLUDED

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Variety and rotation is key! SHIPPING INCLUDED WITH THIS BOX

Trial Box includes 10 of the 2lb rolls & Shipping Included 

2 x Beef HVM (Product Info)

3 x Turkey HVM (Product Info)

3 x Balanced and Complete Turkey Elite (Product Info)

1 x Green Beef Tripe ( Product Info)

1 x  Wild Caught Salmon (Product Info)


Getting Started

Open your box and put the food into the freezer. Leave roll(s) for the next meal in the fridge overnight to defrost. Once roll(s) are defrosted, portion meal & serve within 48 hrs or two days.

About the Healthy Variety Mix

The Healthy Variety Box includes a variety of proteins, which can be fed in any order the raw feeder selects.

Our Healthy Variety Mix grinds are modeled after the B.A.R.F. diet. B.A.R.F. stands for Biologically Appropriate Raw Feeding and can include a mix of muscle meat, bones, organs, vegetables, fruits, and sometimes seeds.

Rotating between 3-5 proteins will produce optimal health benefits as you provide an array of nutrients sourced from different muscle meats, bones, and organs.

Our Healthy Variety Mix grinds are DIY-friendly and can be paired with other whole foods or supplements such as sardines, tripe, eggs, and herbal supplements.

One HVM roll contains 10% organ meat, which is 5% less than its PMR counterpart. We add 7.5% of raw vegetables and fruits.

About the Balanced and Complete Turkey Elite

Formulated to meet/exceed AFFCO standards and can be fed as a balanced and complete meal. This product makes raw feeding easy and convenient 

A nutrient dense, functional food blend, ethically sourced, USDA approved proteins. 

Limited ingredients which were chosen to serve a purpose. Details and purpose can be found under the description of Turkey Elite

About the Tripe 

A food supplement to enhance any raw meal. Tripe is an excellent source of prebiotics and probiotics, omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids, protein, calcium, phosphorus, potassium, zinc, vitamin B12, and selenium. Tripe is rich in manganese, an essential nutrient for dogs that supports joints, ligaments, and tendons. 

Pro Tip -- When feeding tripe add in a quarter of the roll to the Beef HVM or the Turkey HVM. You can also feed tripe as a meal once or twice a week as part of a rotation.  

About the Salmon

Boneless skinless pink salmon which undergoes Individual Quick Freezing (IQF). Salmon is a fatty fish that provides a natural source of vitamin D, an essential nutrient that helps to sustain and balance calcium and phosphorus in the body.