About Us


We are a family owned and operated raw pet food retail distributer which ships, and delivers raw dog food. We searched throughout the United States trying to source purely raw dog food after having our own issues with kibble. Our efforts led to a manufacturer who sources ethically, and manufactures every product using the highest quality of meats, organs, fruits, and vegetables without the use of fillers, grains, gluten, nitrates, preservatives and anything else that is not whole raw meat, organs, fruits, and vegetables. We are excited we are able to share wholesale prices, and an exceptional product with our customers. Compare our labels and learn about our proteins. We are all on a journey to help our dogs live longer.  Contact us if you have questions.

OUR MISSION - Make high quality pet food affordable! Helping animals, humans, and the environment by improving the health and wellness of all beings through nutrition, love and exercise.

OUR PASSION - Learning, teaching and supporting others on the journey of raw feeding and holistic health care.