Where Do I Start When Choosing RAW



We can help you if you are feeling a bit overwhelmed. Raw feeding is easy!! First, take a deep breath! Relax. We felt the same way when we started out, and we found and sourced the best recipe for complete proteins to help us with our journey. We have checked the prices and quality, and we could not find a higher quality product, simply the best. Raw Dog Food Complete has grinds that are convenient and are based on the 80/10/10 for raw-feeders which is our Prey Model. We also have the BARF model which is our HVM which adds in the vegetables and fruits. So, you choose and mix it up, as offering a variety of proteins ensures the better balance. Our HVM and PMR Grinds have the balanced percentage of lean meat, organs, and bones so you don’t have to do it yourself.

One thing we have learned on our journey is our dog with allergies no longer takes apoquel or antibiotics for flare ups. We know the amazing benefits of RAW as we have witnessed it first-hand. We are here to answer your questions and get you started. We do suggest you start with the PMR or HVM Grind as it is easy, convenient and cost effective.

What Should My First Order Look Like?

This depends if your dog has an allergy issue. If it has an allergy issue start with a protein the dog is not allergic to, and then start adding additional proteins to the diet. Each dog is different, so if your dog has an allergy then you might want to stick with the same protein for a week or two. Although it is suggested as soon as you know your dog has tested a protein with good results, it is time to try another protein. For example, our dog with allergies started with Duck, Turkey and Pork, we knew those proteins were safe.

A dog with no allergies can start with a protein the dog is use to eating. If your buddy is currently eating a duck kibble then start with duck PMR or HVM. When placing your order choose white and red meats. White meats are best to start with, and it is important to remember you don’t have to transition too fast. As you continue with transitioning it is recommended to get your dog white proteins such as chicken, duck, or turkey and red meats such as beef, pork, lamb, goat or rabbit, add some tripe in for gut health and a fish on Saturdays. Remember transitioning slowly is okay and probably the best way to get started on Raw.

How Much Should I Order?

The recommended amount to feed is 2 to 3 percent of a dogs body weight a day. 2 percent if your dog is overweight and 3 percent if your dog needs to gain weight. I feed 2.5 percent. Remember it is about twice the recommended amount for a growing puppy. Adults can be fed once or twice a day and feeding at different times of the day is actually helpful to their systems. I did notice when I was transitioning my dog acted extremely hungry. Fun Fact: Kibble is loaded with carbs and starches, it is addictive and hangs out in the gut for multiple days. Raw is digested more quickly and nutrients are absorbed so the stool will be much smaller. Think about how it feels when you consume carbs and starches vs organic healthy meats and veggies. Example: Dogs weight is 50 pounds X .03 = 1.5 pounds a day.

The Day of Transitioning:

Everyone does this differently, and I have seen all types of transitioning models work. Probably the easiest thing to do is to skip one meal so they’re good and hungry, then just put down the raw food for their next meal. Although making a complete switch is the most recommended way of transitioning, some paw parents opt in putting the raw on the kibble as a topper, and some choose to give raw one meal and kibble the next. We do know that RAW changes the gut biome for the better and keeping kibble in the mix hinders the gut biome.

Bottom Line:

Don’t stress, it really is easy! Feeding a variety of proteins, organs, and bones over time is what matters. We are a distributor for Top Quality Dog Foods and Our PMR Grinds include balanced ratios of muscle meat, bones, and organ meat. Our HVM or BARF Grinds also have the balanced ratios of muscle meat, bones, organs and vegetables/fruits. The products are pure and humanely sourced, with no preservatives, and ZERO extra ingredients, which makes us special. We make the work simple, convenient and affordable. We are always available to answer questions and we hope you will join us on the journey of feeding RAW. The benefits are amazing!