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Dog Treat Recipes: 3 Easy DIY Recipes to Help Hydrate Your Dog

Summer Dog Treats: Quick and Easy Recipes

Bone Broth Frozen/Chilled Treats

One of my favorites when it comes to quick and easy dog treats. This is to make with some home made bone broth or simply use the dehydrated Boil and Broth Bone Broth. What an easy way to hydrate your dog in the summer heat. Bone broth contains natural electrolytes-sodium, potassium and magnesium so make a cup of broth and freeze in molds or trays. If you don’t have molds, just chill in the fridge for a nice cold bowl of nutrients.


1 scoop of Boil and Broth Dehydrated Bone Broth (You choose the protein)

1 scoop to two cups of hot water



  1. Follow recipe on package and then freeze broth or serve as a refreshing drink
  2. BONUS: add in a few pieces of your favorite herbs and fruits before freezing

Boil and Broth Dehydrated Bone Broth is easy to travel with and mixes on the go.



Watermelon Berry Bites

We all know how hydrating watermelon is for us during the summer. It’s a favorite for the entire family. Have some fun and add in some extra fruit for extra nutrition. Blueberries are a favorite for many families, and are readily available around the 4th of July.


1 cup watermelon

1/4 cup blueberries

1/4 cup plain Kefir or Plain yogurt (no sugar added)



  1. Cut up your watermelon, remove the seeds
  2. Blend all ingredients in the blender
  3. Place mixture in molds or ice cube trays and freeze


Strawberry Banana Frozen Treat


1 cup kefir

1/4 cup chopped strawberries

1/4 cup banana



  1. Blend all ingredients in the blender
  2. Pour into freezer safe container and freeze
  3. Once solid scoop out and serve

Just simple recipes that are super easy. I am sure your dog will love them and it’s a great way to break the summer heat.