Intermittent Fasting Show Healthy Outcomes

Smarter Healthier & Live Longer

It is true that intermittent fasting and once a day feeding can provide lifelong benefits according to The Dog Aging Project. After studying thousands of dogs of different breeds, ages and sex it was discovered that dogs which were fed once a day actually scored higher in cognitive behaviors and had less health issues which included gastrointestinal, dental, orthopedic, and kidney/urinary disorders just to name a few.

After listening and talking to holistic vets and raw dog feeders, I have personally witnessed the power of intermittent fasting not only for myself, but also for my dogs.  We know that varying the time we feed throughout the day is also helpful in setting up feeding times the way nature intended. A dog in the wild would not know when the time of the next meal, and therefore would not start creating gastric juices. Along with this concept, in the wild a dog would not know the size of the next prey or meal. Interestingly enough intermittent fasting gives the body time to rest and reset. How long should my dog fast might be the next question. I feed somewhere between 4 and 8 every evening and sometime I will do a morning meal and skip the evening meal.

Just a reminder intermittent fasting and once a day feeding is not appropriate for puppies. Growing puppies need to have multiple meals throughout the day. If you are considering fasting or intermittent fasting for you adult dog you need to look at the health and needs of the individual dog. Of course there are special circumstances where an adult dog would need to eat more than one meal a day. You know your dog better than anyone, and need to be the advocate.