One of your dogs favorite foods, and possibly your least favorite. Most of us can’t stand the smell and some of us don’t want to feed it, however when you figure out the benefits, the stink is worth it. So what’s the buzz with this protein called tripe, well from my experience it’s exciting and certainly worth adding to your dogs raw diet.

Green tripe is raw unprocessed meat of a ruminant’s stomachs. Each of a cows four chambered stomachs produces a different variety of tripe. The most widely consumed is the honeycomb-textured tripe from the second stomach (reticulum); and smooth tripe, which originates from the first stomach. You can sometimes find bleach tripe made for human consumption at the grocery store, however this lacks the wonderful nutrient rich benefits that raw ground green tripe provides for your dog. Just think about a cow grazing in the pasture and yes grass fed green tripe is always the best. The animal swallows grass and its slightly broken down in the rumen and reticulum parts of the stomach. It is then sent back to the mouth for more chewing. It passes the reticulum and omansum and into the abomasum where it is further broken down by special gastric juices, amino acids and digestive enzymes.

The digestive process of a ruminant is something like a fermentation process with good bacteria aiding in the digestion. During my Masterclass with Dr. Ian Billinghurst I learned about the importance of fermented vegetables, and the importance of a healthy gut biome. Green tripe is just that, and the cow does it for us. Green tripe is loaded with natural soil-based probiotics and comes in different shade of green. The fermentation process provides a food that is not only full of naturally digestive enzymes such as Lactobacillus acidophilus it is an excellent source of omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids, amino acids, protein, potassium, zinc, vitamin B12 and selenium. Tripe is rich in manganese, an essential nutrient for dogs that supports joints, ligaments and tendons. Tripe also has the perfect calcium/phosphorous ratio (1:1). Now that’s a powerful protein, but wait there is more.

Green Tripe is suitable for puppies and can assist with sensitive stomachs. One of my favorite choices of proteins for a senior dog or a dog who isn’t really interested in eating. It can be useful for dogs with diarrhea as well as dogs with constipation. Just to reiterate, it supports a healthy digestive and improves the immune system. The benefits show up on the inside and the outside as Green Tripe is great for the skin and the coat. has some of the best green tripe its truly Raw Done Right, and can be used as a food supplement to enhance any raw meal.