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Air Dried Beef Trachea - Dried Beef Trachea Packs

Air Dried Beef Trachea - Dried Beef Trachea Packs

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Ingredients: Air Dried Beef Trachea.

Product Info:  

  • Available in the 11-12″, or 5 oz bag
  • Thyroid, gullet, and fat are removed.
  • Made without the use of chemicals, high heat, preservatives, and smoke.


  • High amounts of chondroitin for joint support. 
  • Low in fat and loaded with glucosamine which helps to prevent joint injuries. 
  • Trachea can be stuffed with green ground tripe for a probiotic boost! 

Resources: Perfectly Rawsome.

Handling Instructions: Please store in a cool and dry place. Keep plenty of water accessible while feeding. Do not overfeed or use as meal replacement. This is a snack and should be used as a snack only.

General Analysis:

Moisture 6.93%
Crude Protein 53.14%
Crude Fiber <0.2%
Fat (EE) 28.38%
Calories Per 100 Grams 501
Calcium 0.10%
Phosphorus 0.13%
Potassium 0.37%
Note. 501 Calories/100g = 2.27 kcal/lb


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