Feed RAW?
Top 7 Reasons to make the switch to RAW
1. Longer and healthier lives: Pets that switch to a raw food diet will increase their overall health with an increased immune system that provides the defense needed to make certain that your pet will live a long, healthy happy life!
2. Better Gut Health: A proper raw diet will increase the overall gut health of the pet by boosting their resistance to bacteria, parasites, diseases and will have smaller, less smelly stools! A healthy gut is a happy tummy. Raw diets lower the PH level giving more fighting power.
3. Better Skin and Coat: With a balanced raw diet, pets get all the necessary nutrients needed to produce the oils needed to keep their skin and coat healthy.
4. Better Dental Health: Proper teeth and gum health is just one of the best results of transitioning to a raw diet. Pets that transition to raw will have a decrease to no bad breath, have clean white teeth and healthy gums.
5. Decreased Chronic Health Issues: Pets with chronic health issues like obesity, diabetes and arthritis that transition to a raw food diet will start to lose weight, become more active with better joint health and, in some cases, cure their chronic diseases.
6. Healthy Activity Levels: Raw helps reduce anxiety and brain balance. Pets start to have an increase in activity levels when fed a raw food diet. They will also have less anxiety and behavior issues since their body will be better satisfied with the proper balance of nutrients.
7. Boost Resistance to common pests, What? With a decrease in body inflammation, your pet will decrease the smells that attract ticks and fleas, making them less attractive to the pests.
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